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Stony Creek Wind Farm is a proposed wind farm development located 11km west of Biggenden, in the North Burnett Region of Queensland. The project will have an expected capacity of up to 166MW and will consist of up to 23 wind turbines, with an anticipated maximum tip height of 260m. The project would generate enough clean electricity to power about 88,000 Australian homes per year and will avoid approximately 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year – equivalent to taking approximately 136,000 cars off the road. The project is proposed to connect into the existing transmission network, supplying clean energy to the National Electricity Market.

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Project Status

Project Location Map

Located in farmland about three kilometres south-east of Didcot and 11 kilometres west of Biggenden, with the traditional custodians of the land being the Wakka Wakka people. Greenleaf Renewables acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of this land.

The site was chosen for its strong wind resource and proximity to the existing Powerlink transmission lines. Technical assessments, such as noise, visual impact and ecological studies remain on going, which will inform the development application later this year.

At A Glance


About 3 kilometres south-east of Didcot and 11 kilometres west of Biggenden

Project status

All Planning and Environmental applications for approval have been submitted


9 participating landholders


Up to 23


166 megawatts

Turbine tip height

Up to 260 metres

Project value

$350m +

Local Government Authority

North Burnett Regional Council

Land size

Up to 4,500 hectares

Grid connection

Proposed to connect into the existing Powerlink transmission network.

Job creation

150 jobs during construction and up to four permanent full-time staff during operations

Construction period

18 months

Benefit sharing program

Annual Community Fund of $60k to be developed following further engagement with the community, and implemented once the project is operating

Environmental benefits

Power about 88,000 households per year

Remove about 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere; the equivalent of removing 136,000 cars from the road

Potential project timeline

Meteorological Mast installed: October 2022

Construction: estimated late 2024/early 2025

Project lifespan

Up to 30 years

Project News

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Greenleaf Renewables is developing the project and we look forward to working with the community and all stakeholders over the coming years as we work on progressing the proposed Stony Creek Wind Farm through development and into construction and operation.

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